Websites have come a long way since the original online brochure. Today’s websites not only offer information about a firm’s people and practices, they’re designed to engage clients and potential clients with compelling content and offer opportunities to connect through blogs and links to the firm’s social media channels. Some firms do it better than others with sites that boldly define the firm’s brand, and inspire visitors to take that decisive call to action. How can you be sure your site is one of those high performers?  Advance Softtech team of designers use best practices for law firm website design.

Best practices in website design are constantly evolving.

Define Target Audience:

Always start with your target audience. Before get started on a website project, you must define the purpose of your new website. Is it for credibility, gaining new customers online, educate your existing customers or potential new prospects, or build lots of leads. Knowing this upfront is very important to how you approach the flow of the design to attract the right type of person.

Create Website Contents Plan:

Next up is establishing your pages and navigation through the website. Keep it simple for users; remember they are not attorneys. Typically most attorneys will have pages such as home page, about us, our attorneys, results/testimonies, contact us, free case analysis, attorney blog, locations. As content becomes more important, internet-savvy attorneys are moving into podcasts and videos on a regular basis.

Keep messaging simple and Call to Actions:

Communicate your message clearly and effectively. Keep language and information targeted towards your audience, which can vary by practice area and location. Use clear call to actions on your website, like free consultation. Add credibility with testimonies, awards, credentials, publications, etc. to impress your visitor. Your content is used to convert views to leads; tell your story well.

Adapt and Evolve:

Evolve. Change with change. Just like the law changes, so does design and more importantly your audience. They are attracted to the best content, the best story, the fastest-loading website.


Market your website online. If you build they may come, but if you market it, you can get in front of your customer when they are searching for your service.

Often on the internet, you get just one chance to make an impression. Make it count and use your website as leverage to gain more clients.

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