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Is your e-commerce website is ready to support changing consumer behavior to online shopping

As average holiday shopper is getting more internet savvy with the time. This Black Friday (i.e. Nov 23rd), we have seen the exponential growth of 20% or more in online shopping.  The Cyber Monday Sales surpassed all records and exceeded $7.9 Billion per (USA Today), 19.7 % over 2017.

Not to mention, Alexa (Amazon) and Google voice-enabled devices are making their way into everything we do in our day- to day life, leave aside Online Shopping.

It’s critical that your business’s internet presence and shopping experience on the website is aligned with the new technology trends and best practices.  The Digital Marketing experts at Advance Softtech, LLC (www. have recommended, following practices to help small and business sustain this headwind:

  1. Responsive Website is a key:

As more and more devices are able to connect with the Internet than before, you do not want to have an e-commerce website which does not work on a smartphone or tablet

    2. Shopping Cart must be Visible on Every Page

Shopping Cart should be visible at a Right topmost corner on every page of the website. A customer should be able to see, the number of items already added at any time.

  1. Checkout Button with Shopping Cart:

Shopping Cart Icon and ability to Checkout go hand and hand.  Your website should visible Checkout button to enhance the smooth shopping experience

  1.   Search Bar with Suggestive Search Terms:  

A comprehensive search function enables website users to find a product in your product catalog.  A suggestive search term whilst your customer types in the search bar further enhances the browsing experience.

  1.  Clear Navigation Menus

Clear navigation menu helps your customer to navigate various product/services categories offered at the website.  Try to use the general terms/definitions, to segment your product categories. Technical Jargons and other industry buzzwords would make product offering difficult to understand and follow.

  1. Contact Information on every page

Having contact information on every page reduces buyer anxiety.  It gives customers added reassurance that they are about to connect with the company, should they have the problem.

    7. Boost Consumer Confidence

In order to boost buyer’s confidence, you should be pretty vocal about various steps you are taking to prevent cyber-attacks, ensure every page links to the following pages:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Delivery Information
  • Return Policy
  • Customer Testimonials
  • SSL certificate (https), HackerSafe
  • Secured Payment Gateway

Unless you are internet savvy and take a pride in a DIY project, I would leave the implementation of these industry practices to digital marketing experts, like Advance Soft tech (  Not to mention, you need a trusted player who is abreast with the evolving internet world.