Adavnce Softtech help you close vulnerability gaps in your web apps and APIs

  • Finding Security Holes
  • Misconfigurations

We leverage Qualys and other industry leading web app scanning technology to help you assess the security of your web applications by identifying flaws that can threaten your online presence or the confidentiality of your information.

Discover and Catalog Web Apps Inventory:`

Web apps are being aggressively deployed by organizations, and adopted—often without authorization—by employees. You’ll need a continuously updated web app inventory. Our solutions help you discover and catalog all your web apps (approved or unapproved) wherever they are—on premises, cloud, mobile, IoT systems.:

Do exhaustive, iterative Scanning

Our systems do deep testing of web apps on your perimeter, internal networks, remote and mobile devices, and public cloud instances with authenticated and complex scans. Supporting modern processes (like DevSecOps, Agile, and Continuous Delivery,) and various phases of the development and QA phases,

Advanced APIS/SMART Progressive Scanning:

 Advance Softtech uses, Web Apps Scanner which does authenticated scanning—including of SOAP and REST-based APIs—and smart progressive scanning. Our systems are scalable to meet to scan from a handful to thousands of apps, and helps prioritize remediation by identifying critical risks.

Keep malwares on check

Websites are infected with malware daily, affecting customers, damaging brands and triggering blacklisting.  Advance Softtech scans your websites, issues alerts, and eliminates malware, including zero-day threats via behavioral analysis. A dashboard displays scan activity and lets you start remediation from its interface.